Behaviour management


​Positive culture for learning ​

At Loganholme State School we empower students to believe and achieve through building confidence to achieve their goals.

Our safe, supportive and inclusive environment nurtures curiosity and fosters a creativity required for life-long learning in an ever-changing world. 

The staff at Loganholme State School strive to support the needs of each individual student and help them flourish as a successful citizen of the world. 

Our staff are committed to delivering a high quality of education for every student, and believe all adults in the school, whether visiting or working, should meet the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) expectations in place for students, showing our school values Loganholme PRIDE; Partnerships, Respect, Independence, Determination and Excellence.​

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Loganholme State School prides itself on being a Positive Culture for Learning (PCL) school.

What is PCL?

PCL stands for Positive Culture for Learning and is based on the Positive Behaviour for Learning framework. PBL is a whole-school framework for behaviour support adopted by many Queensland schools. PBL promotes positive behaviour and helps schools to develop safe and supportive learning environments.

Is it compulsory for schools to use the PBL framework?

Use of the PBL framework is optional although all schools must develop a Student Code of Conduct and adhere to Department of Education procedures for behaviour.

What are the benefits of using the PBL framework?

PBL helps schools to be consistent in the way they support and respond to behaviour. PBL enables schools to develop clear expectations and boundaries for behaviour and ensures that behaviour support is differentiated according to need.

Why is PBL recommended to schools?

PBL has a strong research base and has been shown to improve student outcomes, increase staff and student wellbeing, and reduce behavioural incidents. PBL helps schools to select evidence-based practices which have been shown to improve student behaviour and establish safe and supportive learning environments.

What does PCL look like at Loganholme?

Each week there is a whole-school focus designed to improve student engagement and learning. Each fortnightly​ focus is specifically chosen to meet the school's needs to ensure students understand the expectations of them at school through a fortnightly lesson.

Each fortnight each class will choose a 'PCL champion of the week'. Class teachers will select the student who best demonstrated the PCL focus for the week and will select that student. Once per term, classes will select their own focus that they feel the class needs to improve on.

At Loganholme State School we believe that acknowledging appropriate behaviour is not only a proactive strategy to prevent inappropriate behaviour, but also a tool that encourages and build’s a child’s self-worth and self-esteem.  We are trying to encourage and instil good values in the children that will prepare them for their future.

By setting high expectations and standards for our students, our consequences for inappropriate behaviour have been designed to help teach the student learn the correct and more appropriate behaviours for the future.

Last reviewed 25 January 2024
Last updated 25 January 2024