Walking to school safely


​Recently we have had some very distressed phone calls from parents within our community regarding some of our students not following some very simple road safety rules.  More recent concerns have been regarding some of our senior students who have been travelling home from school not following the road safety rules.  These students were acting inappropriately and did cause some drivers unnecessary stress.  There have also been cases of students riding scooters to and from Loganholme State School unsupervised by an adult. 

We remind all family members that scooters have been a banned item from Loganholme State School since 2009.

Some road safety reminders:

When walking to school you may need to cross a road at pedestrian activated traffic signals. These facilities are installed to make the crossing location safe for pedestrians. There are several types of crossings including staggered crossings.  A staggered crossing means there are two crossing points at the crosswalk, each of which is operated separately. All staggered crossings having a traffic island between the traffic.

When using these crossings:

Stage 1 - press button and wait for the green “WALK” symbol. Check that traffic from right has stopped then walk to the centre island. If safety fencing is provided, you must wait behind the fencing on the island.

Stage 2 - press button and wait for the green “WALK” symbol. Check that traffic from the left has stopped before walking to the footpath.

Parents please check that your child/ren know how to cross at the Traffic Lights safely.

Use Of Bicycles On Footpaths

With many students riding bicycles to school, there is some confusion about their use on the footpath. Unless signs or footpath markings prohibit their use, bicycles and wheeled recreational devices are allowed to ride on the footpath.

The Queensland Road Rules provide additional rules for riders of roller blades, roller skates, skate boards and other wheeled recreational devices including a wheeled toy such as a pedal car, scooter or tricycle ridden by a child under 12 years of age.

When bicycles and wheeled toys or wheeled recreational devices are being used on the footpath, a rider must always:

1. Keep to the left at all times

2. Give way to pedestrians on the footpath

3. Ride in such a manner that will allow the rider to avoid a collision

Cyclists must also have a bell and working brakes, lights at night, and wear a helmet at all times while riding the bicycle.

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Last reviewed 28 February 2020
Last updated 28 February 2020