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​School camps and excursions play an important and valuable part of a normal school life. They provide important student educational outcomes relating to specific subjects and year levels. These camps/excursions give students an excellent opportunity to learn outside the classroom environment and integrate important life skills with fellow students and staff. Loganholme State School recognises the importance of school excursions and camps, for the holistic development of the child.

The aims of our Excursion/Camp program are:

  • to provide educational experiences unable to be catered for at school, eg, visit to local industries, places of historical interest, etc.
  • to help instil an appreciation of the natural environment of the area being visited.
  • to provide opportunities for physical development, eg, general fitness, outdoor activities.
  • to provide opportunities for social interaction and to give experience in living and co-operating in a group.
  • to help build each student’s sense of independence.
  • to provide the challenge of coping with different surroundings and the opportunity for displaying initiative and responsibility in different settings.
  • to provide students with a range of experiences that can be a focus for classroom curriculum activities. 

Every effort is made to keep costs to a minimum while providing safe, interesting and suitable opportunities.  Details are provided well in advance so that they can be budgeted for over a period of time.

We are excited to offer the following extracurricular activities this term: 

Week 3 – Year 1 Excursion

On Thursday of this week our Year 1 students eagerly participated in an excursion to Sea World. The excursion was to enhance their ‘Investigations of the Natural World’ and provide common background experiences for science and writing. The students had a wonderful day enjoying the Penguin Encounter, Ray Reef viewing, Seal Encounter and Polar Bear viewing just to name a few of the activities. It was wonderful to hear back from the staff at Loganholme and also Sea World how well behaved our students were. Once again it was pleasing to know that our students represented our school proudly. Thank you to all parents who assisted in making this day a wonderful experience for our Year 1 students. 

Week 5 – Year 5 School Camp

Year 5 students have been invited to attend the school camp to Tallebudgera from Wednesday 5 November to Friday 7 November. Some of the activities the students will be engaged in include body boarding, bouldering wall, orienteering, low ropes, canoeing and catapults. The camp is a wonderful opportunity for students to engage with both their teachers and peers in a different setting away from school.  The camp provides students with exciting activities which will incorporate personal leadership, team building, skill development and fun participation in sport. 

Week 6 – Year 2 Excursion

On Wednesday 12 November Year 2 students have been invited on an excursion to The Beenleigh Historical Village. This will enhance their history units this semester and provide common background experience for historical perspectives.  

Week 7 Prep Incursion

Prep students have been invited to attend the Evergreen Children’s Theatre – ‘Reef Experience’ incursion to be held in November. Evergreen Children’s Theatre presents lively and educational puppet shows. ‘Reef Experience’ explores the enchanting world of the Great Barrier Reef.  Along the way, the students will meet many colourful, strange and interesting creatures that form part of this natural wonder. The children also learn about the importance of caring for this fragile environment, so it can be enjoyed by all (including its inhabitants) for generations to come. The importance of caring for the environment and special places has been investigated by Prep students in their geography units this year – Places and Location.

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Last reviewed 28 February 2020
Last updated 28 February 2020