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Year 6/7 Cooking Classes


On Friday 14 November our Year 6/7 Classes will be engaged in very special treat.  Led by teachers from the Pumpkin Vine cooking school the classes will see teachers discussing with the children the basic requirements for food to grow. Sun and rain is explored in our overall general talk about produce. Foods are discussed as to their origin, history and what can be made with the food on hand. Children will then follow the explained procedures after demonstrations.

Throughout the classes, children will touch on science, geography, life cycle of plant food, seasons, environment, environmental issues and sustainability. They will learn new words for previously unfamiliar vegetables or fruit, read written recipes and use our speaking skills with precision. Maths is never far away with measuring and counting. Within the humanities spectrum there will be the interaction with others, tolerance of multicultural foods, and food acceptance.

Cooking can also be an expression on someone's creativity within art, design and exploration. Nurturing of edible garden food is a very important life skill as is self-sufficiency.  The 6/7 students will share, listen, wait for their turn and potentially use leadership skills as a part of the cooking program as well.  We look forward to sharing more their cooking experience with you in future newsletters.