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Student Behaviour


​​One of our main school aims is to provide guidance to all students to act respectfully and responsibly at all times. We have many supportive programmes to assist students to develop understandings and strategies about how to engage with others in safe, co-operative and courteous ways. Some of these include supported play, special programmes for different groups and a behaviour support teacher. For all that we do in school, the primary learning environment for a child’s behaviour and attitude is in the home. We always need support from home when we are endeavouring to develop responsible behaviours with our students. Without that support and backing, it is less likely that the child will develop the relationship skills required to maintain safety and respect in a school or community environment.

If your child is having a problem at school, we encourage them to use the HIGH FIVE process. The final action in the process is to report to the class teacher, a teacher on duty or the Deputy Principals. It is never okay to resort to a violent physical act, even if the student feels they were retaliating to another child’s actions. Some students tell us that their parents have told them to retaliate. This is not acceptable. Any violent act can lead to dire, long term consequences for the people involved and so it cannot be accepted.

For the orderly management of the school we do require parental support of the actions we take to maintain a safe and respectful school environment. We also require parents to communicate to their children that all students are always expected to behave appropriately and use the high five strategy.