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Science in the iCentre


​We are learning that an important part of being scientists and thinking scientifically is ASKING QUESTIONS. Children are very good at asking questions and we are trying to really encourage this curiosity about the world around us! In the iCentre this year we have an “I want to know…” area. Students from all year levels are being asked to share their questions. Some questions might be about things they have always wondered about, or they might be questions that are relevant to what they have been learning during school time. So far we have some very interesting questions:

“Where do stars go during the day?

“What is glass made of?

“Why is the moon sometimes a different colour?”

“Who would win in a fight; a crocodile or a snake?”

“When will we have flying cars?”

“What does it look like inside a black hole?”

As well as asking all of these interesting questions, students are also being encouraged to think about how they could go about discovering the answers to their questions. For some questions, we can design and conduct experiments to discover the answers. Other questions might require some research using our book or internet resources. We might even be able to ask an expert to help answer some questions.