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STAR Push In


​For the last four weeks of term 2 and all of this term, throughout the whole school we have been working very hard to improve our Maths. Your child may have spoken to you about working with Mrs Kleiman, Mr Walken, Mr Bray, Mrs Roeser or Mrs Fry with Maths. This is not a tall story Mr Bray our PE teacher does work with our students taking small Maths groups.

Across the year levels we do what we call STAR (Student Tracking And Recording) Push Ins, where we are tracking and recording their Maths progress. At the end of the week we monitor what we have taught. The teachers group their students according to where they need extra support or extension. The following week during three sessions (days vary for each year level) classes work to improve their Maths. Some year levels have small groups and work with extra teacher aides, some year levels have extra teachers like Mr Bray, Mr Walkden and Mrs Roeser and work with small groups to teach a maths concept.

We have been working on STAR Push Ins for the last 10 weeks. One of the reasons we have explored news ways of improving our Maths is that at a student level, we anticipate that targeted support for students through explicit instruction and practice will result in improved achievement in numeracy as well as increase independence and confidence for the students.

We have heard some very positive comments from the children who are enjoying working with different teachers and teacher aides to improve their Maths. The students are certainly more confident with their approach to Maths. Don’t be surprised if you also see an improvement with their Maths.