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Each week through the Classroom Blitz we track the categories we need to improve on. During week 3, punctuality was the category with the lowest percentage across the school. Ensuring students are at school on time each and every day is essential to setting students up for success for their learning. This is a shared responsibility of the parents and students to work together to make this happen.

Here are some routine suggestions to help organise your children to arrive at school on time:-

  • Organise and lay out uniforms the night before
  • Make lunches at night and put lunch boxes in the fridge
  • Set an alarm to wake students each morning
  • Create a picture timetable so children know what order to do things once they wake up
  • Ensure the routine you create is followed each and every day
  • Use incentives and rewards when students consistently achieve the routine independently

We recognise that mornings are a particularly challenging time for every family when there’s too much to do in a short space of time, and when what you need to do, clashes with what your child wants to do. Here are some useful tips which may assist you through this process:

The morning rush

  • “I try to get clothes out and make up their packed lunches the night before – it gives me a bit of extra time in the morning.”

  •  “Getting them to do a bit for themselves always helps, even if it’s just getting a bowl and a spoon. They feel like they’re helping and it’s one less thing for me to do.”

  • “I get up before everyone and have five minutes on my own for a quick coffee each morning.”

  • “Create a ‘launch pad,’ where all school-related stuff -- backpack, lunch box, library books, lunch money, and permission slips are stored and prepped. A launch pad can be a box, large basket, dishpan or any large container. Put it in a well-travelled area, preferably near the door your child exits and enters going to and from school."

For further parenting tips on getting ready in the morning, some great websites you can visit are: